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Stuck :c


Darien Eileen Bloomfield

Stuck :c was my final project for my cinematography class junior year. For years I'd been making shorts that were all centered on comedy because that's like all I'm into. But I figured if I'm working on something that tells more of a story with the camera than with the script, it's about time I make something a little more dramatic. Fortunately, I have a very talented actress in my best friend Darien Eileen Bloomfield (it'seileen98 on YouTube) whose very true story would be worth telling. And this project was born :) I hope you like it!

People are free to criticize all they want, but until they know what the day-in-day-out cycle is like  for the girl at home who won’t seem to leave, their words are empty. Stuck does its best to  highlight the bittersweet lifestyle of a friend with depression who is simply unable to leave her  hometown. Told (with a trigger warning) by a girl whose perception of her condition is  desensitized and comical at this point, Stuck wants to shed a healthy light on just what is so  hard about not being able to do anything, and the small blessings that come at the end of each day. 

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