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Blockhead, Teddy, and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad No Man's Sky


the vocal talents of

Tony Chiolerio

Nic Chiolerio

me :D

Blockhead and Teddy are characters I've been drawing on my whiteboard since I was 13 and they immediately got all my attention because they had the richest world of any ideas I had leading up to that point. So when I had my first and only animation class sophomore year I finally got a chance to bust my whiteboard back out and make a moving storyboard for my favorite little doodles :) excuse the crudeness, I was 19

We've all been there. You bought the video game release of the year and can't wait to pop it in, and as soon as you sink an hour into it - you're upset. So what's two boys to do in this situation? Go out and get their damn refund. But when one door closes, a window opens. And you find a new friend by a dumpster.

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