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Could Stand-Up Go Obsolete in the Digital Age ?


this was all me

Let's be real, this is a silly

argument to be making. What

actually happened was that I formed a whole thesis for a video essay, then learned it was supposed to be related to digital media and grasped for straws until I had something halfway cohesive. But this is reflective of what I can bring to the table on a budget of $0 and the sale of animatic arguments I'd be glad to make in the future for anybody who would care to advertise or animate video essays for their own channels! Message me!

Living in the postmodern era, there's a lot of new variables when it comes to what kind of content we can see grow and profit from today's digital market. And in a world where snaps and tiktoks reign supreme, is there much room left in the industry for simple spoken word entertainment ?

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