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Jake Edgar, Comedian and Filmmaker

Currently Based in Columbia, MO (subject to change)

There's a lot of things I wanna do, but the top of my priorities is making people laugh.​ I write standup and scripts and am always happy to collaborate with anybody who has the same priority so never hesitate to send me an email :))

I've been trying to make films since before I knew how to actually compose a shot (so, unfortunately, all of my middle school projects were for naught) and I've been attempting to write standup material since about 9th grade (which also thankfully does not exist outside of any notebooks). So this has been my goal for awhile, and thankfully I've been seeing both of them through for the last few years as a Digital Storytelling student at the University of Missouri in Columbia and as a regular at a few different comedy shows in town and a recurring guest at a few shows across Missouri.

If all goes according to plan in the next few months, I'll be posted up in Brooklyn, New York by August, and telling jokes to a lot more crowds shortly after. Come see me!



2021, bachelor's of Arts & Sciences earned from University of Missouri-Columbia

2021, stuck :c featured @ Columbia Art League

2021, stuck :c featured @ Mizzou Visual Arts & Design Showcase

2017-2021, Dean's List @ University of Missouri-Columbia

2019, associate's of Arts in Teaching earned from Moberly Ara Community College

2019, Brothers OX Award earned @ Moberly Area Community College

2019, Phi Beta Kappa award earned @ Moberly Area Community College

2017-2019, Dean's List @ Moberly Area Community College

Contact me - 


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