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Who says I gotta do this everyday?

Sorry (literally to myself, it just gives me some drive to continue doing this if I imagine anybody expecting updates to this) for going radio silent for a week. On days that I'm not substitute teaching I'm like "I don't need to post anything, I'm busy!" then I silently pick the controller back up to indulge in more Overwatch. Never mind the not-being-busy part that supposedly takes place when I'm getting paid to stand in for a person who teaches the youth of Chicago. Mostly I just didn't have much to talk about during this time last week. But since then! I've had a grand few days!

Last Thursday, I was like "I don't even have anything to write about. I should go have some experiences." Then went to Schuba's that night with the intention of doing the mic plus seeing a few bands in the concert hall underneath the room the mic was in. This quickly proved to be ill-conceited because I brought Sam with me and we met Danielle there and sat with her and this other guy, and I couldn't be running around entertaining myself five different ways and dragging my girlfriend by the wrist around with me for all of it. So we mostly just sat and enjoyed the mic.

Which honestly, hats off to Schuba's. The Comedy Gazelle, which is a publication worth mentioning everywhere, gave Schuba's their award for best comedy venue? I think? Maybe best open mic show, but that seems less likely bc they seem like they do more than that. Idk, but I read about it in the Gazelle. And every comic that went up crushed. Idk if it's the hosts for doing such a lovely job of keeping the audience all together performer-after-performer, or the energy of the show below us kind of propelling everybody to give it up harder, or just the nice little candles that one of the host boasted she'd strategically placed earlier that day, but it was great.

And I honestly feel like I annihilated that set. I felt like could fuck a hole into the Statue of Liberty or something dude, I was on top of the world after. So that was an especially wonderful high that kept me up for a bit.

I'd go back there tonight, but instead I think I'll be attending the Cheekface show at Lincoln Hall (a sister location to Schuba's)! Hopefully I do and if so, I look forward to leaving a review right here!

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